Devon Caperich is the author of the Tall Ship Tales and the Spinningdale Series.

Originally a historian, I have returned to my roots to write novels set in past times. My books – seeking a publisher at present - are inspired by my experiences of sailing tall ships, and of working in pioneering child protection teams.

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The Tall Ship Tales is a trilogy of seafaring adventures in the Caribbean in 1720-30s embracing piracy and slavery. With a spirit as restless as the sea, Tomasina’s intense loyalty repeatedly drives her to sacrifice her own freedom for her companions’ well-being and liberty.

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THE spinningdales

Set in the city of Middlebeck, in the fictional county of Midbeckshire, the Spinningdales Series centres on the work of a specialist child protection team. Established in 1976, against the background of several high-profile tragedies, a group of social workers and doctors are given the unenviable task of preventing child abuse in the County.

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